Shenzhen Wincom Electronics Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, focuses on the design and sales of capacitive touch-sensitive IC and provides beautiful, solid, wear-free, life-unlimited, absolutely safe and inexpensive human-computer interface solutions for electrical products based on the core of professional IC design technology and efficient market development ability. 

With high precision of capacitance measuring circuit and efficient processor, the independently developed WTC series touch-sensitive IC accurately detects effective touch of a finger on keys and outputs date through the insulation panel of 0-20mm, and is easy to realize touch-sensitive control of all kinds of electrical products when it is connected to the interface of single-chips. Featured by water resistance and anti-disturbance performance, the series of products are able to steadily work in environment with large temperature and humidity difference for long term. With high-performance, high quality, multiple varieties and professional service, WTC series touch-sensitive IC has been applied to almost all application fields including household appliances, computers, handheld devices, industrial control, security and protection devices, as well as military products. 

To meet the broad users’ requirements of improving touch control integration level and decreasing cost, we developed WM series touch control MCU. WM series touch control MCU is inserted with Bandai technology. Its highly stable and reliable touch-sensitive core, which provides users superior and flexible programmable touch-sensitive single-chips, is proved by the long developing period of ten years and hundred million’s sales volume. The series was officially launched in July 2014 and was put into volume production in October 2014. 

As a sales company for Bandai Technology in China, Shenzhen Wincom Electronics Co., mainly responsible for popularization, sales, technical support, pre-sales consultation, after-sale service and logistics storage of the whole line touch-sensitive IC in China. Over the years, by providing professional, fast and considerate service, our Company has successively developed long-term cooperative relationship with some domestic frontline household appliance enterprises, and attracted a large number of steadily increasing customers in home appliances cities like Guangzhou and Foshan of South China, and Hangzhou, Wenzhou and Ningbo of East China. In the field of micro-electronics, we have become the most professional and reliable provider of touch-sensitive chip. 

Special thanks to the following manufacturers of home appliances brands who trust our WTC series touch-sensitive chip for a long time:

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