The seven advantages

Data: 2017-09-01
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The advanced technology: the use of 16bit high precision capacitance to digital conversion technology, non metal panel through the thickness of 20mm, accurate

The finger touch is detected, and the corresponding logic level, pulse or data is output. Advanced compensation algorithms and decisions

The logic logic eliminates the misoperation completely, and ensures the sensitivity, stability and reliability of the product, not because of the environment bar

Changes in parts, long distance transportation or long-term use.

The complete product includes key touch keys, touch slider, touch roller (knob), two-dimensional 2D touch panel touch screen chip

And the solution, no matter what the user requires, can find the appropriate chips and solutions in our product line.

If the application is simple: the line is very simple, no oscillation circuit, few external components. Just press the principle diagram layout can get satisfactory

Effect。 It is easy to interface with MCU to realize the application of touch control.

The excellent quality: chip design, wafer production, packaging, warehousing and shipping etc. inspection in full compliance with the ISO9000 quality

Standard. Meet ROHS environmental standards.

The professional services: professional sales and technical support team to provide users from the chip selection to R & D and production process technology

Support, quickly provide technical information reference design and free samples, and provide a variety of DEMO board to help users shorten

New product development cycle.

The delivery time: strictly fulfill the delivery period, in order to meet the urgent need of the standing stock of R & D and production of users.

The price is reasonable: to develop the market together with the users to achieve mutual benefit and win-win is our business purposes, to provide the best performance to the user

Products and competitive prices are our mission.

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